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March 02 2017 @ 11:04 am
Mashable's Season 3 "Preview Guide"  
There isn't really anything new here that hasn't been previously posted on this community, but it's still nice to have it all rounded up in one place, I guess. Plus it's something to read about Outlander as we wait for September...

Jo Ann: Out: Claire kiss Jamie shoulderyeuxdebleu on March 3rd, 2017 01:19 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for this. It was wonderful reading.

] think David Berry looks perfect for Lord John. Wow!

As already stated, perfection is worth waiting for and I'm sure season 3 will NOT disappoint.

Is anyone watching "Victoria" on PBS? Nell Hudson (Laoghaire) is in it and she's marvelous.
siobhan63: powerpuffmesiobhan63 on March 3rd, 2017 11:50 am (UTC)
I started watching Victoria when it aired in the UK (I just torrented it), but gave up after the 3rd episode or so -- it just seemed to be a bit too soap-opera-ish for me. I did appreciate Nell Hudson in the episodes I saw, and agree she did a good job. It was nice to not instantly hate her character!
Jo Ann: Rob: Questioning-raised eyebrowsyeuxdebleu on March 5th, 2017 01:35 am (UTC)
Really? I didn't find it soap opera-ish at all. I guess I was too smitten by the wonderful acting.

Nell is great and likeable, I agree.
Kaylee Winchester: Outlander The Frasersroguem on March 4th, 2017 09:39 am (UTC)
Well, with such a long shooting time it's no wonder we'll have to wait till September. But it's good they're putting the work in to make it great.

Am I remembering it wrong or shouldn't Duncan be introduced this season? Or is it next season? I'm having the hardest time remembering where he's introduced. I was pretty sure he was with them in Edinburgh.
siobhan63siobhan63 on March 4th, 2017 03:29 pm (UTC)
"I'm having the hardest time remembering where he's introduced."

I totally get that --- the books all seem to merge after a bit. I had to google, but yes, Duncan is in Voyager. He has likely been cast as he was in prison with Jamie - they've not announced all the casting. For example, Maril Davis revealed during a Q&A on Twitter some time ago that Hal (Lord John's brother) had been cast ages ago (as would be expected, since they're starting with the battle of Culloden), but they've not announced who got the part and she wasn't willing/able to say.
Kaylee Winchester: Outlander The Frasersroguem on March 6th, 2017 09:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I was pretty sure it was now.
Well, hopefully we'll get some news soon then. I must confess I forgot all about Hal popping up so soon.