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Outlander Watch Site Down

You may or may not have noticed the Weebly site for Outlander Watch is offline. I was hosting it through Weebly because their free sites had unlimited storage. That meant I could pay for some small features and keep costs very low. Two weeks ago, I went into their systems to change something and discovered my account was gone. When I contacted them they informed me I had violated their TOS. They told me what I did... supposedly. In no way and I done what they said. I had thought there was some merit and went about tracking down the issue, only to discover they were very wrong.

As I dug further I discovered they recently changed their free site policy to 500MB storage which is the size of a couple pictures. I believe whole heartedly they removed the account because the Outlander site alone was huge what with episode pictures.

So I'm attempting to rebuild. I've found a service that houses sites for free (so it will have a funky address) but it means rebuilding from scratch (oh did I mention Weebly didn't give me my site they just deleted everything - years worth of work). I kind of doubt I'll get away with free but a lot of the things I've looked into are hundreds of dollars a year which I just can't afford.

So I am working on a solution and I hope I'll have everything up and running again by Season 5. Since I lost a huge blog over there, I am considering make the blog here but I've yet to decide anything. I know it is preferable to have the blog in the site but that leaves Wordpress which I really don't know how to work with.
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