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Jill aka Jo

Outlander After Show

So the plan is this, I will add to this embedded playlist all the After Shows for each episode. I will be putting the link to this in our Sticky Post... feel free to bookmark this post or save it.

The Scot and the Sassenach
Not just recaps but also interviews with writers etc. Alastair and Lani are great at pulling threads of the story though I can't say I always agree with them but they are amazing to listen too. You can check them out at StoryWonk.com.


You can also subscribe to the AfterBuzz Outlander Podcast at iTunes.

103 AB: Got another shout out as sireesanwar which was pretty cool.
102 AB: Also, I'm excited I got a shout out at the beginning... I'm Jill R. WOOT!

MOP Outlander TV
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