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September 09 2014 @ 05:10 pm
105: "Rent" Discussion Post  
As always, all book talk that doesn't pertain to the episodes we've seen is a SPOILER. Please use the SPOILER cut below.

Quick Recap:
Claire goes on the road with the MacKenzie's to collect rents from the Clansmen who couldn't come to the Gathering. Claire witnesses what she believes is Dougal stealing money from Colum only to discover later that he is raise money for the Jacobite Rebellion. Claire feels compelled to tell them the futilitiy of the rebellion but can't do so without giving away what she is. On the trip tensions are high and Claire gets the impression the men hate her which is helped along by Angus's short temper. It isn't until some townsmen call her a whore and the boys defend her honor, much to her shock, that she starts to realize they didn't trust her but also didn't hate her. Claire begins feeling more of a comaraderie with them which is quickly sobered by Dougal's suspicions and an English patrol.

Sadly, not my favorite episode but then they can't all be the best. Still I loved the episode overall but it's at the bottom of my episode barrel.

  1. Overall impressions of the episode. Did you find it slow? What did you think of all the passage of time? Etc.

  2. How did you feel about Claire being excluded when the men were speaking in Gaelic?

  3. What did you think of the Wool Walking?

  4. What did you think of Angus in this episode?

  5. What were your impressions of the part where Claire wants to return the goat to the family? What about the Englishman who popped up?

  6. Dougal ripping Jamie's shirt off??? Go...

  7. Blood pudding... that is a lot of congealed animal blood you know.

  8. If you were in Claire shoes would you try to tell the MacKenzie's about the future of the Jacobite Uprising?

  9. Scene outside of Claire door with Jamie.... I know you want to swoon.

  10. What did you think of the fight in the tavern and the reason the men go into it?

  11. The ending! Do you think Claire will tell them she's an unwilling guest or not?

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firstlove02firstlove02 on September 20th, 2014 11:41 pm (UTC)
More wedding day jitters....here to keep me from spoilers...
1. Being a Watcher only, I found this episode wonderful because it is an introduction to Scotland as a character. You have to SEE the country these Scots are risking their lives and dying for. I would think as a book reader it is slow because you have seen this place already and it is review for you. I absolutely LOVED seeing what the country looks like. . The way of life and just how large the MacKenzie lands are. How Dougal connects with his countrymen. Also, it shows the political situation of the rest of the country with the "Watch" and the ugliness that is going on. The harshness there. Jamie's lines to Claire about her not judging what she doesn't understand is what I think the basis and strength of this episode is all about. The passage of time is important because it gives credence to why the men in her company would fight to defend her honor and I suspect to cement her ties to them and influence her decisions in the future. There will come a time when the importance of saving their lives will outweigh her need to keep her secrets.

2.She felt excluded because they were speaking Gaelic. But, she doesn't understand that is their primary language. I hope she makes an effort to learn their culture which includes their language.

3. I think it was in the perfect place. Claire needs to see everyday life. A bit of an ick factor for me. But, these are simple times! The fact that she joins in without hesitance or any mention of the 20th century means she is adapting even though she doesn't consciously know it.

4. Angus is Angus. You just have to take him with a grain of salt. He is quick to react and anger and violence is his go to. But, with him comes a kind of blind loyalty and he won't fain his actions. Their from the heart. So, by the end of this episode when he takes the first blow in defense of Claire's honor and helping her with unloading the cart. She has earned his respect and acceptance.

5. A baby going hungry because the goat is gone to her in so unacceptable she doesn't understand it. It is her 20th century reaction to an 18th century way of life. Life was harsh, times were primitive. As for Lt. Jeremy Foster....I answered that in my review of episode 6. I am crushing on him at the moment!

6. Okay, is this a fair question? shirtless Jamie. Okay,in the context that it happened, I felt so bad for Jamie. I feel as Claire did when she spoke to him about it. It is HIS back after all as he told Dougal. But, I see Dougal as an "any means necessary" kind of guy in that respect. Rebellion means sacrifice after all. I understood it better after seeing episode 6.

7. I think I will pass on this question.

8. This is an interesting question because what it is really asking is do you save your loved one at the expense of yourself and the whole time travel question of changing history for the sake of saving your loved one. Depending on the authors interpretation on the affects on history, changing past events affecting the future, it is hard to say. For me, I would tell them because being in that moment I could not have Jaime or any of them die in that battle. Her tact of telling Ned that hearts can't win against cannon was the way to go. But, Dougal took that as undermining the rebellion. What Claire needs to do is decide whether she is..... all in..... or all out.... Once she decides that. Things will be clearer for her.

9. Swoon first! A great interchange between the norms and mores of the 18th century man and the 20th century woman. A sweet exchange.

10. What I think is significant is that Angus took the first blow against those men insulting Claire of all of them. They made it clear that Jamie was NOT in the room. That is important because if he has started it there would be a question of how the others truly felt about Claire. Murtagh explains it perfectly to Claire. She is a guest of the clan and therefore an insult to her is an insult to them. But, at this point, I think too it is because they respect her for who she is as well. I love that it surprises her. It helps her understand what having ties to a clan means. It is a foreign notion to her as a 20th century woman. It will make leaving, that much harder, if at all.

11. Claire won't tell.
Jill aka Jo: Outlander: Jamie circlesireesanwar on September 21st, 2014 06:44 am (UTC)
Re: More wedding day jitters....here to keep me from spoilers...
1. You have a point. Being a Reader a lot of this episode seems unnecessary. But that isn't really true for the Watchers. It is true. Time builds the relationships that make these men willing to defend her and give us and Claire the knowledge of just what the Scots are fighting for.

2. Well, if she's going to be married to Jamie for any length of time she should... let's hope.

3. I loved that Claire was willing to join in. It also felt to me like Claire trying to find a place in this strange place she's found herself in.

4. That is what I loved most about Angus in this episode. He goes from rather angry and aggressive to being aggressive to defend her which I loved. The sheepish look on his face when Murtagh told Claire... priceless.

5. It is true. It is a very 20th century notion. Not that it is bad but I don't think Claire understood. Part of me thinks this village wasn't that poor and getting milk wouldn't end up being that hard. In the last village, they are poorer and it would have been an issue.

6. Oh yes. Rent really reveals what Dougal is trying to emphasis by showing Jamie's back. Still it was upsetting.

8. I totally agree. Claire needs to determine if she's going to be with the MacKenzie or if she's going to be going "home" and leaving them to their own devices. She also needs and ally. Someone she could tell that would believe her.

9. I loved it. I loved how shocked Jamie was by the idea of sleeping in her room. So adorable.

10. Great points. Claire does get in this moment that having the men on her side is a huge thing and proves to be in her favor in the next episode. I adored how shocked she was.

11. No because in the future she sees them as countrymen too. Plus she's not willing to betray all the people she met at Leoch.