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April 06 2015 @ 03:38 pm
109: "The Reckoning" Discussion Post  
As always, all book talk that doesn't pertain to the episodes we've seen is a SPOILER. Please use the SPOILER cut below.

Quick Cap:
Jamie learns Randall is the one who committed the murder he is blamed for which will do him no good in clearing his name. Willie rides up with new of Claire's capture. Jamie saves Claire from a very saddistic Black Jack Randall who is about to make good on all those threats to rape her when Jamie comes through the window. Jamie tricks BJR with an unloaded pistol and then knocks BJR out to save Claire. They flee Fort William by jumping off the outer wall into water.

On the side of the road, Jamie and Claire have a knockdown drag out but Jamie quickly realizes things are getting out of hand and tells her how scared he was to hear her scream. Claire apologizes for not listening to him and he apologizes for the things he said. When they arrive at the tavern to rendevous with Dougal, Claire realizes the men are angry with her and hopes they will forgive her. Murtagh tells Jamie Claire doesn't understand what she did and Jamie realizes he'd going to have to meet out justice 18th century style. Jamie joins Claire upstairs where Jamie is supposed to give her a good swatting but she fights like the dickens and even kicks him in the face BUTT in the end she gets her swats... and Jamie realizes that is going to put a wrench in happily ever after.

Back and Leoch Jamie gets in the middle of Castle politics when Colum takes the gold meant for the Jacobites effectively make the clan divide. Colum takes Jamie's advice and gives the gold to Dougal while bidding his time about what side to take in the Jacobite Cause. And if that wasn't rocky enough, Laoghaire is rather upset at Jamie's wedded status and apparently leaves a ill omen under Jamie and Claire's bed. But Jamie hasn't been sleeping in that bed with a rather angry Claire so to remedy that he makes her a pledge and she rocks his world... but not in bed... on the floor.

Discussion Points:

  1. Let's just get too it. What did you think of Claire's punishment?

  2. Talk about a nasty fight! What did you think of Claire's POV and Jamie's POV in that fight?

  3. Did you like that the episode was from Jamie's POV?

  4. Were you stunned that Dougal just came out and said he fathered Hamish?

  5. What did you think of Jamie's influence in the political climate of the McKenzie Clan?

  6. What did you think of Laoghaire (Leery) in this episode? The ill omen under the bed?

Feel free to pose anything else you wish to discuss from this episode or previous episodes. No spoilers please!

Outlander 109: The Reckoning Playlist:
Any behind the scenes footage will be added to this playlist. So far I only have trailers.

Next Week On Outlander:

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Jill aka Jo: Movie: Captain America Not Freesireesanwar on April 15th, 2015 10:28 pm (UTC)
I did forgive him a little quicker in the show than I did in the book though.
LOL. I didn't feel the need to forgive him in the books but I did feel the need for him to kind of pay court to her... make her feel better about what happened which he did. Still I agree they did a fine job of it in the show. I think them adding to her fighting him and kicking him worked really well.

I just felt it was well done, and when Claire realized how scared Jamie had been. The mind runs away on crazy paths when you're that scared.
I liked that too. One minute Claire is so mad and willing to fight Jamie on everything and the next she realizes he was terrified for her and that makes her realize fighting him isn't really the way to deal with all of it. They needed to communicate.

I did, but at the same time I felt like that was another way for them to skip over stuff that was actually in the book. Like that talk Jamie and Claire have on the road, where she finally forgives him for the spanking. I missed that.
I would have rather had that, including Claire threatening him with the knife than the make up scene they had in the room. The sex paired with her holding a knife to his throat felt like it was a little to much for me.

I actually have to agree. I liked the version from the book and it all did seem like a lot in that scene. But I did like hearing Jamie's POV on the punishment and how things were in that time. I think it really gave us perspective on the punishment and the times. But I actually kind of miss Claire's POV in this.

Yes, and no matter how angry it was it felt a little OOC for me.
YEs! Okay so I feel like they are going off the rails with Colum and Dougal. Maybe there is a reason but I'm not loving it. Colum and Dougal were more of one mind than this. I don't think Dougal would have ever blurted out Hamish's paternity.

I don't think they say it was Laoghaire who planted the ill omen in the book, and I don't feel they should have said it in the show either.
I think Jamie should have been more clear with her but I think at this time we aren't supposed to know he loves Claire. I think they want viewers to doubt Jamie and Claire just a little.

I think it the book it isn't clear until the thieves hole that Laoghaire planted the ill wish but I'm pretty sure it was her. I just don't think Jamie knew that until... well a long time later.

I wish they'd say a little closer to the book but I love the story nonetheless.