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114: "The Search" Discussion Post

All book talk that doesn't pertain to the episodes we've seen is a SPOILER.
Please use the SPOILER cut below.

I don't know what to say. At first, I was really into this episode. Jenny and Claire tracking through the Highlands looking for Jamie was a think of brilliance (thank you Diana!). Then Jenny, really, torturing a Red Coat for information on Jamie only to talk about Jamie right in front of the man leading me to believe they couldn't leave him alive... thank goodness for Murtagh!

But then we ended up traveling through the Highlands with Murtagh which had it's really funny moments but it was drawn out and rather boring, for me. I just kept wanting them to figure out where Jamie was and go find him but instead we keep moving from town to town, much like Rent, singing and dancing. Psst... Murtagh stick to killing Red Coats.

And then there is this Gypsy which seems rather dangerous to me and I kept wondering what exactly he was going to end up doing to them but as it turns out he's into the whole love thing so he helped Claire for nothing (except the rents previously). But that Gypsy gives Claire a message and Murtagh and Claire run off to go to find Jamie only to find Dougal. So are you thinking Uncle Dougal is there to help... you'd be so wrong! Nope, Jamie Jamie walked right into some Red Coats and is now in Wentworth Prison and sentenced to die! A Dhia! So Dougal suggests they run off and get married? WTF? Okay Dougal, I loved you but now you have me pissed off... but I strangely love it.

And if you go back, Murtagh and Claire have this moment when Murtagh talks about the woman who he loved who turned out to be Ellen, Jenny and Jamie's mom, and Murtagh says he thinks of Jamie as a son. Gosh, I love you Murtagh even though you have the worst plans.

But back to Diobolical Dougal and Claire is agreeing to marry him if Jamie dies. Claire!? But then she convinces Willie, Angus and Rupert to help her liberate Jamie from Wentworth... please make it in time!!!!

So the middle dragged for me but even a 3 Kilt rating is like an 8 for most other shows.

So I ask, how many Kilts would you give this episode?

Poll #2010877 Rate The Seach

How many kilts would you give The Search?

Mean: 2.75 Median: 3 Std. Dev 0.43

Discussion Points:

  1. First, I forgot to ask what you all thought about the birthing scene in The Watch? And now, what about the lactation scene where Jenny is "bursting"? How did they do that?

  2. As Jenny and Claire watch the Red Coats, Claire worries that Jamie could have fought the Red Coats and gotten himself killed. Jenny thinks he wouldn't do that but Claire gives her the "wouldn't he look". Do you think Jenny looked uncertain there?

  3. What did you think of Jenny and Claire interrogating their Red Coat prisoner? Do you think Jenny or Claire would have killed him if Murtagh hadn't showed up?

  4. Jenny tells Claire "Love forces you to choose." Did Claire say this at some point?

  5. What did you think of Claire telling Jenny to plant potatoes and sell off any unproductive land for gold? What did you think of Jenny's acceptance of these things?

  6. Did you notice Jenny kissed Claire goodbye. I feel like this cemented their sisterhood. You?

  7. What did you think of Murtagh's play for Claire and he to be on the road? Didn't you love Claire singing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"? Do you think that messes with the music of the future?

  8. What did you think of the Gypsy?

  9. Murtagh revealed he loved Ellen, Jamie and Jenny's mother, and he gave her the tusk bracelets? What did you think of this moment?

  10. How did you feel about Dougal's propsal and Claire's bargain to marry Dougal should Jamie die?

  11. What did you think of the men not wanting to help rescue Jamie?

Feel free to pose anything else you wish to discuss from this episode or previous episodes. No spoilers please!

I hope everyone is enjoying the discussions. You opinions are always welcome and remember just because we disagree doesn't mean we don't love talking about it!

HITFIX Recap - Kind of funny!

A few contests to enter to win a trip to Scotland:Amazon seems to already be on the Outlander band wagon. You can go HERE to see information on the second half of the season as they already have it listed for pre-orders.

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