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July 15 2015 @ 03:03 pm
Sam's Good Mornign LA Interview +  
Some of these could be repeats but I just had to get them all posted.

SAM GLA by uffauffa

OL S2 by pookalook84

Just a heads up about Interviews. I'm adding them all to a playlist. So if you post a youtube video of an Interview I will add it to this playlist. All playlists can be found at the Video link above.

Some others that won't embed:
Yahoo's "Stump the Stars"
ET Canada's Season 2 Secrets Revealed
Zap2It Talks Tobias with Sam & Cait
Spike TV Interviews Sam & Cait at 9:54

Others that were already posted:
E! Asks Sam & Cait Questions + Talks Season 2
Sam & Cait Play "Know Your Co-Star"
Sam Talks About Licking Honeypots with the Anglophile Channel