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August 25 2015 @ 12:01 am
Week 2: Battle of the Outlander Writers!  
WEEK TWO: August 25 - August 31
Results are in:
Anne Kenney's episode Lallybroch won!
Ron Moore's episode To Ransom A Man's Soul won!
Ira Steven Behr's episode The Garrison Commander won!

Let's vote for some more episodes and writers! I ask that you use the LJ-Like repost to share this post with all your Outlander fans. Also use the Facebook LJ-Like and the Twitter, Tumblr and whatever else is down there. Let's get as many Outlander fans involved as possible!

This poll will close at Midnight PST on August 31 and on the 1st you will be able to vote for Week Three's Episodes/Writers.

It appears the polls don't work well in posts.....