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May 04 2016 @ 10:40 pm
DP: La Dame Blanche (204)  
Jamie and Duverney are playing chess and discussing baby names with Claire until the St. Germain interrupts them by predicting the outcome of their game. Claire walks away from the table taking a beverage from a servant which seems to be spiked with something unpleasant. Claire doubles over in pain and Jamie rushes to her rescue. They return to Jared's where Claire rests while Jamie tells her King Louis is interested in an alliance with England through Charles. Jamie suggests a dinner party to bring Charles and Sandringham together in hopes of Charles showing the Duke just how out of touch with reality he is. Claire realizes this would bring the subject of Randall up and tells Jamie about Randall's survival. Jamie is overjoyed because now he can kill Randall himself. The next day Claire informs Murtagh he was worried about nothing.

Claire goes to Raymond to see who he sold the bitter cascara to but comes up empty handed. Claire is worried about Frank's future and Raymond eases her mind by predicting she will see him again much to Claire's surprise. Raymond then gifts her a necklace with a stone which will turn colors in the presence of poison.

[Read More...]Louise de Rohan confesses to Claire she is pregnant with her lovers child and needs to get rid of the child. Claire tells Louise of the risk and then convinces her that lying to her husband and keeping the baby is better for the both of them.

Later, Claire is awakened by an amorous Jamie though things take a turn when she finds bite marks on this thighs. An argument ensure in which Jamie doesn't explain himself well and Claire vents her feeling of being alone in her pregnancy because of Jamie's trauma. Jamie finally explains to Claire that the fortress where his inner self lives was blown apart and he's been lying naked in trying to hide under a blade of grass. Jamie decides to sleep elsewhere but Claire seeks him out and tells Jamie to find her. They make love and Jamie then tells her she's help him build a lean-to with a roof to keep out the rain.

Just then they hear a noise on the roof and Jamie investigates finding Charles at the window. Charles tells them he had a spat with his lover who's pet bit him though it never bits his lover. Claire recognizes this as Louise and when Charles leaves Jamie and Claire discuss getting Louise at the dinner party as well to provoke Charles.

Claire heads out to the Hospital after an explosion at the royal armory and says she'll be back before dark. Fergus and Murtagh wait outside the hospital for her and Mary while Claire helps the royal executioner set bones. Mr. Forez also gives them an ointment which is rendered fat of a hanged man much to Mary's horror. Mother Hildegarde tells Claire most of their medical staff is better than nothing and Claire is a great deal better than nothing.

Claire and Mary leave the hospital and Murtagh tells them the carriage has a broken wheel. Claire insists they walk and one the way Mary confesses to her love for Alex Randall. Men jump out at them and knock out Murtagh, rape Mary and are about to rape Claire when they see her face and cry out that she is La Dame Blanche.

Claire returns home with Mary who is hides upstairs under Alex Randall's watch. She readies herself and then greets their guest which are Sandringham, Charles, St. Germain, Louise, and Mary's father and betrothed. Louise tells Claire she's convinced Jules who is overjoyed about the baby. As they eat; the Duke tells jokes, Charles starts to talk about his divine mission, Louise changes the subject to opera and then the subject turns to wives and children. Jamie congratulates Louise and Jules much to Charles's surprise.

Meanwhile, Mary awakens and strikes out at Alex who's declared his love while she was out cold. She rushes downstairs while in the dinning room St. Germain is telling his wife Claire's necklace is supposed to change color in the presence of poison. He wonders if they all need one in her home but a commotion from the other room draws everyone and they find Alex trying to subdue Mary. A fight ensues which Jamie and Murtagh join in on and St. Germain ushers Charles out of the house. Fergus takes advantage of the abandoned table while Claire watches Jamie try to put an end to the fighting.

Poll #2043963 What did you think of the episode?

How many kilts would you give La Dame Blanche?

1 - Not a fan, ya ken?
2 - It was Outlander.
3 - I liked it fine.
4 - Really good.
5 - Bloody awesome.

Now Let's Discuss (and ignore the existence of the books):

  1. Did anyone notice all the hints in this episode? Raymond saying he's fascinated by things not of this time? Claire telling Louise about raising a baby with a man who is not the father? A lot of hints there. Some to the first episode and some just that Claire is a time traveler. And the shock on Claire's face when Raymond told her she would see Frank again. WOW.

  2. Were you surprised by Jamie's reaction to the news of BJR's survival?

  3. What did you think of Claire's suggestion to Louise about passing Charles's baby off as her husbands?

  4. What did you think of Jamie and Claire's argument about the bites on his thighs?

  5. I've seen posts where people say how upset they are about the rape of Mary. Beyond the fact that Mary was raped are you upset by this plot device?

  6. Anything else?

Feel free to pose anything else you wish to discuss from this episode or my review/recap. No spoilers please!


We might be slipping here. The rating for this episode were 1.17 million viewers.

Next Week On Outlander:

Jill aka Josireesanwar on May 5th, 2016 07:05 pm (UTC)
I try to ignore the existence of the books but sometimes less that others.

1. Not to spoil anything but there are a lot of hints in this episode to events we have seen mostly in the first episode. I think it is rather interesting that we are seeing these nods to Claire being a traveler or Frank loving a baby that he is not the father of. But while we know Claire is going back to Frank... she does in this episode and the shock on her face when Raymond told her she'd see Frank again. Wow.

2. Actually, yes. I mean I know what is going to happen and this was a shock. I really thought Jamie would be more upset or something. I never looked at it as though he'd want to be the one to take his life... well I know Jamie would want that but for it to bother him that he hadn't been the one to kill Randall? I didn't see that.

3. Honestly, I can't say I love the dishonesty but really what is Louise going to do? Things wouldn't go well for her if she told Jules the baby was Charles's and they talk about her leaving Jules and marrying Charles like that was easy back then? I some how doubt it. Plus, I would think that Louise would be shunned from society whether or not she's married to a Prince later.

4. I don't think that fight is resolved. I still would like to hear what the explanation is for those bites. (Ignoring the books.) I mean they argued about them then went to the pregnancy and then Jamie's trauma but it didn't seem resolved.

Speaking of pregnancy, I feel I understand why Claire's pregnancy felt ignored before. Claire was putting everything about it aside because of Jamie's trauma so it felt less important and overlooked which is what she yells at him during their fight. Nice.

5. Partly, I am annoyed with the prevailing plot device of rape in shows, books, etc; however, I can't say I hated it used in this instance. Surely I don't want Mary to suffer it but what would the impact have been if she's been tossed about and kicked? Far less. It would have been a mere mugging. The other option of choice would be assassination which may have worked but would have ended quickly with Mary's death while Claire would have gotten away. End of plot point. No, in this regard it seemed the likely choice of dastardly deeds. So sad.

6. I was annoyed with St. Germain before but now I hate him. And the Duke's flattery of Claire... oh that was annoying because we all know he doesn't think highly of her though Jamie yes. So I suppose he's thinking it best if the child just look like Jamie.

As villians go, St. Germain isn't terribly scary to me but maybe that is because it wasn't poison and if he were behind the attack then it wasn't successful mostly. I suppose if this weren't the case he's be more on the level of BJR.