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May 26 2016 @ 12:31 pm
DP: Faith (207)  
I'm sorry I'm so late with this post. There has been a lot happening and I've had trouble really trying to dissect this episode considering it's subject matter. I will ask you what you thought of the episode but for me it is a 5 Kilts and probably beyond. For me this episode surpassed any other and if Caitriona isn't nominated for an Emmy then there is something wrong with the system.

Onto the Recap....
Faith opens on Claire with a little red haired girl in the 1950s. This little girl calls Claire mommy and asks her about the birds in a book. Claire tells her she's seen the birds in Scotland an the little girl wonders if her mommy has been to Scotland.

We shift back to L’Hôpital where Claire looks shell shock and pale. She's losing her baby and as the "doctors" and sisters work to save her, tears run from the corners of her eyes.

Later Claire wakes at L’Hôpital and realizes her stomach is flatter than it should be. She sits up and starts looking around for her baby. She calls out for her child but Mother Hildegarde rushes to her side to tell her the baby was born dead and has now joined the angels. Claire has a moment of stunned disbelief before she starts hysterically asking for her baby.

Later, while Claire rests fitfully due to fever, Mother Hildegarde explains that she baptized the baby with the name Faith but that must stay between them as it is illegal to baptize a child who is not living. Mother Hildegarde brings in a priest to hear confession but Claire isn't willing to give up her sins, as they are all she's left with.

Bouton sits watch over her.
[Read More....]

Later (who knows when), Master Raymond appears and removes the puerperal fever, also known as childbed fever from Claire with what we can only assume is magic. At the end, Raymond has Claire call out to Jamie, knowing of her deep connection with him. Raymond quickly hides as Sister Angelique appears. Claire tells the Sister she is well and to tell Mother Superior.

Raymond returns to wish Claire well and says, "Be well, Madonna." Claire tells him she has no child and is no Madonna. Raymond replies that he's called her that because of the blue aura (if you will) that glows around her like the Virgin Mary's cloak... like his own aura. Raymond disappears again when Mother Hildegarde returns declaring Claire's renewed health a miracle.Claire asks for Jamie and Mother Hildegarde explains Jamie is in the bastille for dueling and will be there until the King is so inclined to release him. She let's Claire know this is better than if his opponent had died. The English officer still lives though he is terribly injured (God, if it were only worse that it is... let that man die).

Claire is angry and tells Mother that Jamie betrayed her because his vengeance meant more to him than his family. She says, "He may as well have run his sword through me." Claire doesn't believe there is a sea deep enough to toss her anger into.

Fergus comes to L’Hôpital and returns with Claire. When Claire returns home there is a line of servants waiting to greet her and when she gets to Suzette the woman bursts into tears. Claire is barely holding it together and when she reaches Magnus she stops him from bowing. She then curtsy to Magnus thanking him for his help and getting her to L’Hôpital.

Later, Claire can barely stand to be alone and takes a look at the apostle spoons before shoving them under the bed. She leaves the room, not doubt because of them memories, and in the hall hears Fergus crying out in his sleep. Claire rushes to his side and asks him to tell her about his dream. Fergus informs her it wasn't a dream and recounts going to Maison Elise with Jamie and how he'd thought to steal some perfume for Milady. He pulls the bottle of lavender from under his pillow and Claire clearly knows what happened.

Fergus goes on to tell her he told the Englishman that Milord was there but the Englishman didn't care. Fergus flashes back to being dumped over the bed while Black Jack assaults him. Fergus tells Claire he didn't say anything because he was ashamed and he tried to be quiet but he cried out and Milord heard. Jamie burst in pulling Randall from Fergus but is waylaid by other though Jamie tells Randall they will duel. Claire tries to tell Fergus it isn't his fault but he feels as though it is because he didn't know Milord would fight the Englishman and now he's gone and won't come back.

Claire goes to Mother Hildegarde for an audience to the King (remember she's the old Sun King's goddaughter) and Mother thinks Claire has found a sea deep enough. Claire states she's found out the reason for Jamie's actions and he is still the father of her child. Mother believes the King will want to lie with her as payment and Claire is willing to add her virtue to the many things she's lost in Paris.

At Versailles, Claire meets with the King who serves her hot chocolate (new from Spain) and an orange. Claire tells the King why she si there and Louis tells her that Jamie has broken a royal decree. Claire claims it is his Scottish blood that makes him prone to fierceness and that she'd be MOST grateful for his help. Louis remarks about her loyalty when he realizes she's been married before and wears both her husbands rings.

Instead of leading Claire to the bed, he takes her into the Star Chamber which is where he plans to user her abilities as La Dame Blanche to figure out which man has evil inside of him. Monsieur Forez comes into the room followed by St. Germain and Raymond who are being tired for sorcery. Claire puts on a bit of a show and tells Germain he has darkness in him and she sees the name Les Disciples.

St. Germain lashes out, calling her a witch and a liar, telling everyone there he poisoned Claire and she survived. Claire announces she's a white witch and only practices white magic. Claire then announces that the evil she sees in these men are in all men including Kings. Louis is not impressed and calls for the serpent which can be handled by those who are Godly. Claire interrupts this stupid plan by suggesting she poison them and if they survive then they are good men.

Claire puts some bitter cascara into some wine and gives it to Raymond who doubles over and then steadies himself. When he hands back the cup, Claire's necklace changes from white to black and the Comte knows it is poison. Raymond has used slight of hand to really poison the wine. The Comte stalls but is commanding by the King to drink. When he does he fall over dead much to the satisfaction of the King and Raymond. Raymond is sent from France while Claire is taken to the bedchamber for Louis payment.

Louis is brief as Claire thinks of England. When finished Louis tells Claire he will arrange the pardon for the duel and one with the English crown if then are inclined to go home to Scotland. Before Claire leaves she takes the orange Louis gave her.

At home, Jamie arrives with a full beard and while Claire tries to ignore him she has trouble especially when he asks if she'll make him beg. He doesn't know if his child was a boy or a girl. Claire relates the story and how Faith is buried in the cemetery next to the convent.

Jamie tells her he tried to keep his promise and Claire tells him she found out what Randall did to Fergus and she knows Jamie couldn't let that go unanswered. But Claire can't look at Jamie which makes him wonder if she hates him to which she replies, "I did hate you."

Claire relates to Jamie how Mother Hildegarde let her see and hold Faith so she wouldn't wonder. Claire holds, rocks and sings ("Oh I do like to be beside the seaside") to Faith. She tells Jamie, "She was beautiful... and so small. I could cup her head in the palm of my hand. Her ears stuck out just a little. You could see the light through them. The light through her skin, as well... like the light on a peril, still wet from the sea. Her eyes were closed. No lashes yet. They were slanted a bit. Like yours. She had wisps of the most... beautiful copper hair."

Claire then remembers she rocked and sang to Claire all day until Louise came and approaches Claire calling her ma chere. Claire shows Louise Faith saying, "She's beautiful, isn't she?" Louise agrees calling Faith an angel and then gently asks if she can hold her. Claire's fantasy world has now been shattered and she crouches over Faith briefly before tearfully handing Faith over to Louise who passes the baby to Mother Hildegarde and then trying to comfort Claire who refuses and curls up crying.

Back at Jared's house, Claire tells him she did hate him but then she says it was her fault. She asked the impossible of him. She says she put Frank before their family and then followed him to the woods. Jamie tells her Frank was also her family but Claire states that Frank wasn't there and now their daughter isn't either. Claire tells him it isn't her fault and it isn't Randall's either, it is her fault. Jamie tells her he has forgiven her already for anything she could possibly do. And then Claire confesses she gave herself to Louis for his freedom and Jamie reminds her he did the same to save her from Randall.

Jamie then tells her they will carry this grief together and by the Grace of God they might have another child. Claire tells Jamie to take her home to Scotland. But before they can go they both go to Faith's grave. Jamie leaves the Saint Andrew apostle spoon which is the patron of Scotland (leaving some of Scotland behind).

Poll #2045741 What did you think of this episode?

How many kilts would you give Faith?

1 - Not a fan, ya ken?
2 - It was Outlander.
3 - I liked it fine.
4 - Really good.
5 - Bloody awesome.

Discuss (ignore the books):

  1. Is it just me or did you cry this entire episode?

  2. How did you feel about seeing Brianna at the beginning of this episode? Did you feel it insensitive to the loss of Faith or did you see it as a promise that Claire would be okay?

  3. Did you notice the running theme of blue which harkons back to Claire's blue vase (blue heron, blue flowers from Fergus, her blue aura)?

  4. So Claire has a blue aura like Raymond. What could that mean?

  5. Do you think Claire's anger at Jamie is justified, if you didn't know about Fergus?

  6. Did you think St. Germain deserved to die?

  7. How much more do you hate Randall now? And has there every been a foe so evil? And why doesn't he die???

  8. Did the scene with Louise coming to help Claire make you think differently of her?

  9. What did you think of Claire's guilt in the end (she asked the impossible of Jamie, put Frank first and then followed him to the woods)?

Feel free to pose anything else you wish to discuss from this episode or my review/recap. No spoilers please!

The ratings of this episode when up. We are up to 1.10 million viewers this week.

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Next Week On Outlander:

siobhan63siobhan63 on May 27th, 2016 02:28 pm (UTC)
This was probably one of the best, if not the best thing I've ever seen on TV. I will say that I didn't actually cry -- I rarely do cry over TV shows. I got misty-eyed, however. I think the only Outlander episode I've actually cried at was the end of ep. 09 in season 1. But yes, if Caitriona doesn't at least get nominated, something is very wrong with the universe.

I listened to the podcast for this episode and thought I'd share some of the points Ron Moore and Toni Graphia raised during the podcast as they relate to certain parts of the episode that struck me the most. First up -- the future flashforward that opened the show. I wasn't too keen on that, to be honest. Seeing young Bree at this point of the season... I didn't really like that, although I'm not entirely sure why it bothered me. On the podcast, however, Ron explains that it was to really highlight what Claire loses in this episode, to make the whole episode more poignant. Honestly, I think it would have been every bit as poignant without seeing Bree in 1954. That whole opening scene is the only I would have cut. Also, Bree should not have an American accent since both her parents are British. She would learn to speak that way as a toddler. She might lose that as she got older (like by high school), but at that age, she'd sound British.

Ron mentioned that the episode originally came in at 90 minutes and he wasn't sure they could cut much more from it. He called Starz and Starz actually OK'd a 90 minute episode! But they were able to get it down to just over an hour by cutting a lot of voice over scenes, because Cait's face made them unnecessary, and a number of smaller scenes because they all hit the same beats and actually diluted the impact of her hurt/anger/loneliness/emptiness, etc.

Totally LOVED the scene with the servants when Claire comes home from the hospital.

Aside from Cait's brilliant acting, total kudos go out to Claire Sermonne (Louise), for her short but totally great part in that ep, and also to Lionel and Stanley. Esp. Stanley Weber. His face and acting when the Comte realizes that he will be drinking poison and dying... so good! Also of note -- he totally ad libbed his last line.

One question that was not answered for me: was that Sam's real facial hair when he is released from the Bastille? I'm thinking not as it would have taken some time to grow that full a beard and I don't think they had that much time between shooting eps.

But yeah, this one gets 10/10.
Jo Ann: AG: GIF Jesse does double takeyeuxdebleu on May 28th, 2016 05:57 am (UTC)
Also, Bree should not have an American accent since both her parents are British. She would learn to speak that way as a toddler.

I noticed that, too, and it seemed totally inappropriate. In fact, the whole opening scene with Bree was an odd choice, IMO.
Jill aka Jo: Outlander: Je Suis Prestsireesanwar on June 2nd, 2016 09:40 pm (UTC)
Well, I'm a crier. To quote The Holiday: "A good book, a great film, a birthday card, I weep." And Cait so deserves the nomination.

I agree we didn't need to see Bree to make the episode poignant. It was just by loosing Faith and I feel like Ron's answer was a man's answer.

I don't know how they could give us more without ruining it. This episode was just perfect minus the very beginning.

Oh my goodness the servant scene has to be an all time favorite of mine.

Previously we see Louise as so self-centered and shallow so to see her step up to help Claire in this manner really highlighted something about Louise's character. I loved how supportive she was of Claire in her hour of need.

Stanley Weber did great.

So I have no idea and if not... wow but it is possible Sam can grow a beard fast. Maybe it was an over the weekend don't shave kind of thing?
Jo Ann: Out: Claire face close ujpyeuxdebleu on May 28th, 2016 05:52 am (UTC)
Well, if you saw my comment elsewhere, you know I'm four episodes behind, but I cheated and watched "Faith." It was awesome and I can see why viewers are saying Cait should get an Emmy. She was brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
Jill aka Josireesanwar on June 2nd, 2016 09:40 pm (UTC)
It is so true.
siobhan63siobhan63 on May 29th, 2016 12:07 pm (UTC)
Who on earth gave this episode only a 2?!
Jill aka Josireesanwar on June 2nd, 2016 09:41 pm (UTC)
I don't know who they are but to each their own... still wrong though.