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June 01 2016 @ 11:34 am
DP: The Fox's Lair (208)  
Jamie and Claire are back in Scotland in time to see the potatoes, Claire warned Jenny to plant, be harvested. Jenny and Ian have had another child and life seems good. Until, Ian comes in with the mail which contains a letter from Aunt Jocasta and bumm..bumm..bummm a letter from Jared congratulating Jamie on his loyalty or something because Jamie realizes enclosed is a declaration of Charles Stuart's divine right to the British throne with a list of signatures of clan chieftains who support Charles and wouldn't you know Charles forged Jamie's signature. Apparently, Charles is in Scotland (which makes no sense because they just had a harvest meaning it is October and Charles Stuart comes to Scotland in July 1745 and this would be 1744) and Jamie thinks the only way out is to try to win. Well what else are you going to do?

[Read More...]Jamie and Claire are off to Beauly to convince Lord Lovat to join the cause. Jenny thinks this is madness because Simon Fraser doesn't do anything that doesn't benefit his hold on the Fraser chieftain title. Jenny says the man tried to have their mother kidnapped so she couldn't marry their father and when pressed as to who this man is both Jamie and Jenny tell Claire Lord Lovat is their grandfather.

Later that night, Jamie confesses his father was a bastard but Claire could care less which let's face it, would you care if you had Jamie? So they head to bed, not to sleep, and then later in the wee hours Claire wakes to find Jamie isn't with her. When she goes in search for him she finds he's downstairs with wee Kitty (the baby) and he's murmuring to her in Gaelic which just breaks Claire's heart.

Jenny appears to tell Claire Jamie couldn't sleep and took the baby so Ian and Jenny could sleep (perfect man no?). She goes on to say Jamie is pouring his heart out to the baby like he can to no other, like a mother does before the baby is born, she kens.

The next morning Jamie and Claire are off with instructions for Murtagh who they will meet up with later when Fergus comes riding into the dooryard on a donkey, announcing he's going to war with Milord and Milady. Everyone is protesting this until Jamie tells them Fergus's place is with them.

When they reach Beaufort Castle they find Colum there. When he goes to greet them Claire is put off by the fact she nearly died in a witch trial which Colum thought was Claire just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Claire informs both Jamie and Colum that Laoghaire sent her to Geillis and then tipping off the officials. Colum informs her Laoghaire was beaten for her overstepping.

Lord Lovat arrives, less than impressed by Jamie's choice of wife but rather impressed by Jamie's boldness. He sends Claire away and as she leaves she runs into Laoghaire who is very sorry for the things she's done and is paying penance for all her sins and wishes Claire to forgive her to which Claire pretty much tells her to hell with you. Claire tells Jamie of the meeting which Jamie is annoyed Laoghaire even at the nerve to approach Claire.

Jamie and Claire go to dinner where the subject is politics and Jamie is trying to convince everyone to support Charles and preserve their way of life but Colum is having none of it and craftily points out Jamie's been spending time with Charles Stuart and knows full well there is no money to back the cause. Young Simon Fraser tries to point out that Charles has a price on his head which must mean the English crown sees him as a threat but his father ridicules him in front of everyone and Laoghaire who the young fox seems to fancy.

Later Jamie comments that Colum will never support the cause but he needs to talk to his grandsire along to convince him to support the cause. He feels it is a pity that young Simon is so spineless.

The next morning Claire observes Lord Lovat throwing a woman out of his sitting room because she's keeping something from him. Claire catches up to the woman who is a seer named Maisri.

Later, Jamie discusses the situation with Lovat who wants Lallybroch in exchange. Jamie's not inclined to give it up but Lovat is willing to have his men rape Claire to get it. And Jamie decides to use the La Dame Blanche card again knowing Lovat is superstitious. Lovat seems genuinely disturbed but Jamie still warns Claire to be careful. Jamie also worries he'll have to give up Lallybroch to get Lovat's support thought Claire thinks it is better to get Lovat to try to protect his heir by getting young Simon to stand up and declare for the Stuarts.

Claire approaches Laoghaire and tells her Young Simon is infatuated with her and she can use that to get him to help Jamie's cause. In return Claire will forgive her and get Jamie to do so as well.

Jamie tries to explain to Colum that the war will fail without the troops but Colum thinks he sounds mad and reckless. Colum asks Jamie not to give up Lallybroch for this war which he can't win but Jamie can only promise to do what he must to save those he and Colum hold dear.

Claire walks with Young Simon to the chapel but is met by Laoghaire on the way. Claire excuses herself hoping to leave Laoghaire to use her wiles but Simon isn't really good and romancing. Simon recites some poetry for Laoghaire but she interrupts him to get him to sit by her.

Meanwhile, Claire finds Maisri in the chapel and gets her to tell her about the vision she wouldn't share with Lovat which was of him with a man in a black hood behind him and the shadow of an ax across his face. She doesn't want to tell Lovat because he might kill the messenger. She also tells Claire that sometimes she's been able to change the outcome.

Claire hears Laoghaire calling and rushes out to meet her. Laoghaire says she flattered Simon and told him she admired a man who thought for himself, she even gave him a keek down her dress all to what appears is no avail.

Claire finds Jamie in the stables and they report on their successes and failures and the vision of Maisri though Jamie points out they do not know which King that executioner works for. Jamie fears he'll have to give up Lallybroch.

Lord Lovat gathers everyone in the hall to tell them of his plan which is to take Lallybroch for the support or sign a neutrality pact with the MacKenzies. Jamie is about to sign when Claire flings down her drink and does a little seeing herself recounting the vision of Maisri as if it is her own. Lovat isn't pleased though Claire adds their are white roses on the ground in the vision. Claire pretends to faint as Lovat rushes at her with a knife and Young Simon intervenes with Laoghaire's approval. Simon then announces he's going to war for the Stuarts but Lovat chooses to sign the neutrality pact.

Jamie and Claire believe they are leaving defeated but with Young Simon. Jamie and Colum say their goodbyes and then Claire asks Jamie to go thank Laoghaire. He does it though he even tells her he doesn't know what for. Jamie walks away and Laoghaire says someday she'll earn his forgiveness and his love.

On their way to meet the prince, Jamie's band meets up with a larger group who are Lovat men. Lovat then says he got what he wants which is if the Jacobite's win he will claim he sent them along with his son and if they lose he will claim protection under the neutrality pact. As Lovat rides off, Jamie hopes he's nothing like Lovat but Claire can't say that because she's seen "a similarly devious turn of mind." Jamie's rethinking this whole not lying to one another thing. The two ride off with Claire feeling like they can change things.

Poll #2046351 What did you think of this episode?

How many kilts would you give The Fox's Lair?

1 - Not a fan, ya ken?
2 - It was Outlander.
3 - I liked it fine.
4 - Really good.
5 - Bloody awesome.

Discuss (ignore the books):

  1. Supposedly in this episode there was a moment when the show "jumped the shark," I didn't see a huge jump from the norm but I'm wondering what you thought was this "jump the shark" moment?

  2. I'm stumped as to when all this is happening. I noticed that they are harvesting the potatoes which should be done in October. The Bonnie Prince reaches the shores of Scotland in July 1745 and the Battle of Prestonpans (episode title upcoming) happens in September of 1745. So if Jamie and Claire are at Lallybroch during the harvest then the Prince has come to Scotland 9 months early? Or are the Fraser's harvesting their potatoes in July which makes no sense? So what do you think of the convoluted timeline?

  3. What did you think of Lord Lovat and Young Simon?

  4. Were you shocked and horrified to come across Laoghaire and did you think Claire lashing out at her was in character with Claire?

  5. Didn't you just love Jamie talking to the baby?

  6. Is it just me or is Jamie smarter and more cunning in the first season?

  7. Do you think Jamie was actually going to sign over Lallybroch or was he in cahoots with Claire's witchy vision plan?

  8. How did you feel about Claire and Laoghaire working together?

  9. Jamie thanking Laoghaire and Laoghaire's determination to win Jamie's love????

Feel free to pose anything else you wish to discuss from this episode or my review/recap. No spoilers please!

The ratings of this episode when down. We are up to 1.10 million viewers last week and this episode netted 1.06. Not a huge change but certainly a dip.

It is official... Outlander is getting a Season 3 & 4!

Next Week On Outlander:

siobhan63siobhan63 on June 1st, 2016 06:56 pm (UTC)
I didn't vote in the poll because I don't know how to rate this episode. If you've not read the books, I'm sure it's totally fine -- can't fault the acting or production or any of that stuff. If you have read the books, however... And I know we're supposed to ignore the books here, but your first question about what was the jump the shark moment -- it's the whole Laoghaire subplot. Not sure if this constitutes spoilers or not but just in case:

[Spoiler (click to open)]I was really pissed off about this change and so eagerly awaited the podcast to see what on earth was the thinking here. And Ron Moore's explanation is because unlike book Jamie, who doesn't know Laoghaire set up Claire to be tried as a witch (and book Jamie doesn't find this out until book 5, chapter 99), TV show Jamie not only knows this, but also knows that she testified against Claire. And so, because TV Jamie knows all of this, according to Ron, they had to have some sort of transition story with Laoghaire this season to make what happens with her in season 3 acceptable.

Now, I have major issues with Ron's explanation. In ep. 111, the witch trial episode, Jamie is never told by Claire that Laoghaire had anything to do with her being arrested and tried, much less that Laoghaire testified against her. Jamie MIGHT have seen Laoghaire in the court house when he rescues Claire, but even then, there was no really obvious camera shot to make that really clear. But even if she was there, that wouldn't tell him she was behind Claire's arrest, or that she testified. And Laoghaire is never mentioned again the rest of season 1 or up until this episode so to say TV Jamie knows all of this doesn't wash.

You wrote in the recap that "Claire informs both Jamie and Colum that Laoghaire sent her to Geillis and then tipping off the officials" but that can't be the first TV Jamie hears of this because he DOESN'T REACT at all to what she says. If that was the first he was hearing of that, I would think he's at least look surprised -- if not start swearing or something. Sam plays that bit as if Jamie knows all of this, not like Jamie is hearing it for the first time. If that was supposed to be the first Jamie hears of this, that was shit poor writing/directing. Book Jamie's reaction many years after the fact was a lot stronger than anything TV Jamie showed in that episode.

Really not happy with this turn of events at all. They didn't need to do this.

Jill aka Josireesanwar on June 2nd, 2016 09:52 pm (UTC)
See I hate that Laoghaire is in this episode at all but I could have dealt with it all if Claire hadn't announced her involvement in what happened. Ron seems to think later on it justifies something but it just doesn't.

[Spoiler (click to open)]In fact, the idea that he will marry L when she's done such a thing to Claire is beyond crazy. Now, over at TSATS Podcast (The Scot and the Sassenach) they speculated that Jamie could feel Claire forgave L for her part in the witch trial but even Jamie would have to know that Claire would spin in her grave (if she were in fact dead).

Right, I think this is a major oversight on the production team part. Because I do think Jamie doesn't have reactions in two different instances. Here and when Claire starts speaking visions before he signs over Lallybroch. We have no indication Jamie was in on that as a plan and yet he doesn't seem shocked.

Part of me wants to believe Jamie knew about L and about the vision Claire had but all in all I didn't favor this episode because it was like someone took the story and started stabbing holes in it.

And even if I didn't know anything about the books, I would find it odd that Jamie hasn't reacted to these things. *sigh* May next week be better.
Jo Ann: Out: Keep Calm Trust Ronyeuxdebleu on June 2nd, 2016 12:12 am (UTC)
I wasn't very happy about all the departures from the book and the inconsistencies you mentioned, but hey...it's a TV adaptation and is being quite well done, IMO. I'm sure Ron and the writing staff have their reasons for everything they do. As long as Diana isn't tearing her hair over the changes, I can live with them.
siobhan63siobhan63 on June 2nd, 2016 10:43 am (UTC)
If you read my comment above, I explain Ron's reasoning, and IMO, it makes the events of book 3 LESS plausible now. The whole Laoghaire thing in this episode was completely unnecessary, based on Ron's rationale for it.
Jo Ann: AG: GIF Jesse nodding yesyeuxdebleu on June 2nd, 2016 11:42 pm (UTC)
I agree.
Jill aka Jo: Sherlock: Mollysireesanwar on June 2nd, 2016 09:53 pm (UTC)
I'm okay with departing from the show but it just seems our smart and wily Jamie from last season and the beginning of this season is gone.

Overall I can live with it all but there are a few moments where I just cringe because I don't think Jamie is in on things and he just doesn't react like normal.
Jo Ann: AG: GIF Jesse nodding yesyeuxdebleu on June 2nd, 2016 11:40 pm (UTC)
...I just cringe because I don't think Jamie is in on things and he just doesn't react like normal.

I totally agree.
siobhan63siobhan63 on June 2nd, 2016 10:59 am (UTC)
With regards to your first discussion point, potatoes can be harvested starting in June-July in the UK. That would be the first crop of "earlies" as they call them, the second crop would be ready in July and August and the main crop from August into October. So it is actually plausible that the potatoes in question in the episode were the first crop of earlies, thus coinciding with Charlie's arrival in Scotland.
Jill aka Josireesanwar on June 2nd, 2016 09:56 pm (UTC)
Okay if that is true then I can accept it... so that would mean they had been there a year which someone from production has implied then this could be happening in July but then Jenny's baby would be older. So odd.
siobhan63siobhan63 on June 3rd, 2016 10:56 am (UTC)
Well, I got the potato info from a UK government agricultural site, so pretty sure it's accurate! Plus my dad grew up on a farm where they planted potatoes and I remember him saying that there were different harvesting times throughout the summer/fall. And since it was clear in the episode that these were the first potatoes they'd harvested (since they didn't know what to do with them), the timing works. More or less!

(But honestly, the potatoes are not my major issue with this episode.)
Jill aka Josireesanwar on June 13th, 2016 05:55 pm (UTC)
I did notice that when I looked it up so I'm okay with that now but yeah there were so many other issues.