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June 09 2016 @ 12:07 pm
DP: Je Suis Prest (209)  
I keep thinking I'll manage to get these posts up before Wednesday but I never seem to.

Jamie and Claire arrive finally rendezvous with Murtagh and the Lallybroch men. They come with Lovat's men but have lost 100 men on the way. The men Jamie brought are not fighters and Murtagh and Jamie now have the task of training them. Fergus peeks out of his abode and sees "Milady and Milord!" and rushes to greet them which brings a huge smile to Claire's face and then Jamie's when Fergus informs them Murtagh has enslaved him mending the man's socks.

The next day Claire and Jamie are just out and about when they hear a voice they know and Rupert and Angus step into view. Angus seems rather happy to see Claire and she grudgingly gives him a kiss on the cheek. Claire wonders about the whereabouts of Willie and is told in a somber and melancholy tone that Willie got himself hitched and moved to America with his Irish bride.

Dougal appears and Jamie genuinely looks pleased to see him but Claire isn't so enthusiastic about it. Apparently, Colum doesn't want them there but Dougal, Rupert and Angus have come of their own accord. Jamie informs Dougal the men he's brought need training but Dougal thinks they are worth 10 redcoats because they have conviction on their side.

Murtagh is drilling the men and Jamie realizes just how untrained they are though Dougal still seems optimistic. Claire, on the other hand, is having flashbacks of watching the WWII soldiers being drilled in the 1940s.

Claire turns sees Fergus playing shinty with some men and recalls soldiers playing baseball in her own time. She's so shaken up she pulls Fergus from the game to get Jamie water.

[Read More...]Back on the field; Jamie, Murtagh and Dougal all teach the men moves and have them stick dummys with dirks (much like Claire did).

Later that night, Dougal talks to Jamie about going to join the Prince already but Jamie isn't willing to take the men into war when they are not ready.

Claire spies Angus spitting out his food and flashes back to two American soldiers complaining about their rations. They have been separated from their Airborne division and are traveling now with British forces. Claire discusses how the British believe American's eat verses what they eat and they educate each other on different foods.

Later Claire is clearly upset but tells Jamie she's find. As Jamie unpins his plaid his broach falls to the ground and Claire retrieves it. It is a stag and says "Je Suis Prest" which reminds her of the Airborne patch on the American soldiers from the war. Jamie apologizes for bringing her to battle with him and assures her he will keep her safe but Claire continues to pretend she's fine.

The next morning at training Jamie talks to the men about what war is like and how some things seems silly but it isn't until there are shots coming at you and people are dying that you understand what the training is for. Jamie tries to press how important it is to move and fight as one like the British if they have any hope of defeating them. Jamie just about has all the men focused when Dougal and his men comes screeching down the hill bare chested with their swords. The men scatter much to Jamie's annoyance and Dougal tells them all the way to beat the English is with a Highland charge which clearly isn't the way. Jamie isn't pleased by Dougal undermining his authority and takes him aside. Dougal patronizes Jamie telling him he knows what Jamie's goal is but he knows this stuff better to which Jamie tells him in no uncertain terms that he has no idea what they will face and he does.

Jamie then informs Dougal if he wishes to fight with Clan Fraser then he will respect Jamie's orders without objection. And if not Dougal can take his men and leave.

And Dougal runs to tell Claire claiming Jamie is being stubborn and needs his help because he's clearly in over his head. He goes so far as to try to blackmail her with their arrangement when she was scrambling to free Jamie from Wentworth. Claire informs Dougal that Jamie knows everything and he understands she was doing everything in her power to free him. She then goes on to tell him what a narcissistic ass he is and everything he does is for his ego and self-gratification. Dougal admits he loves his own reflection but he loves Scotland more and would do and give anything to put a Stuart back on the throne.

Now we see Dougal helping to train the men which Jamie and Murtagh discuss Claire's odd behavior.

Later Angus is poke and his disgusting fee which reminds Claire of lecturing the WWII soldiers on preventing trench foot which can lead to amputation. Claire comes out of her flashback asking Angus, "Did you hear what I fucking said?!" Angus replies he did but Rupert is surprised by her outburst and Claire leave taking deep breaths to try and steady herself.

That nigh Dougal comes to the campfire with ten men in tow. He informs Jamie they are new recruits and Murtagh is sent to get Kincaid and Ross who were the sentries. Jamie then tells these new men if they aren't there of their own free with they are to leave with no harm to come to them. Jamie then informs Dougal he is in command and Dougal says there were no orders about conscripting men. Jamie doesn't believe in forcing people to fight for something they don't believe in. Jamie then orders Dougal and his men to sentry duty which Dougal agrees to. When Kincaid and Ross arrive, Jamie places them under arrest for letting strangers into camp and orders a punishment of six lashes each which is carried out by Murtagh the following morning.

Later that day Claire is walking past the men who are practicing their marksmanship when the gunfire triggers another flashback which is more disturbing.

Claire is traveling to her field hospital with the American soldiers when they are shot at and blown off the road. She wakes in a ditch with Grant who warns her to keep quite. Somewhere out in the field Lucas is pleading for help but there are German tanks approaching. Grant tells Claire to stay put and goes after Lucas only to be killed. Claire huddles in the trench with her ears covered. She is found the next day and this is how Jame finds her by the wagons. Jamie holds her and Claire tells him about her repressed memory of that incident.

Jamie tells her he should send her home but Claire isn't willing to be powerless and alone again. Jamie promises her no matter what happens she won't be alone again and we can tell he means more than himself.

Jamie is making water when a small English lad tries to cut his throat. Thankfully Jamie is canny and fights the boy off by breaks his arm. Murtagh finds a letter to a British officer on the boy and thinks him a spy. The boy says he isn't a spy and was drawn by Jamie's fire and recognized Jamie as Red Jamie. The boy won't give any other information and Jamie goes so far as to heat his dirk for torture. Claire arrives and saves the boy this fate by pretending to be a captured English Lady who has resisted Red Jamie's advances but will give into him should he let the boy go. Jamie turns the tables informing the boy if he won't give up the information for his own welfare maybe he will for the lady's. The boy confesses he is William Grey, the second son of Viscount Melton. He then gives up the 200 infantry traveling to Dunbar to join Cope going so far as to warn Jamie about the heavy artillery  16 carriage-mounted cannons, mortars, muskets and a company of 30 calvary.

Jamie makes a display of making advances on Claire who struggles and gets him in the family jewels before Grey tells him the location of the British. Jamie has Grey taken with the men and if the boy speaks the truth he's to be tied to a tree where the British will find him and if not he's to die. Before Grey leaves he tells Jamie he owns him a debt of honor which he doesn't wish to owe him but he will repay him and then kill him. Jamie says he hopes they never meet again.

Jamie announces there is to be another punishment and while Dougal's men were on sentry his unguarded fire drew the boy. Murtagh lashes Jamie while the men watch. Afterwards, the men assemble to raid the British camp but Dougal and his men are left out because they have orders.

Jamie and his men steal into the British camp, killing sentries and stealing the wheels off the cannons. They burn the wheels and back at camp Jamie gives Claire the trophy of the iron cotter pins which hold the wheels on. He tells her he's been on Commando raid then wonders if that is what you call it. Jamie wishes to make love to Claire but they have to move on before the English awake and realize what happened.

We watch as Jamie, Claire, Murtagh, Dougal and everyone else arrives in Perth to join the Stuart army. Jamie calls up Dougal and tells him to inform the Prince they have arrived which he does happily.

Claire knows there is no going back and announces, "Je Suis Prest."

Poll #2046962 What did you think of this episode?

How many kilts would you give Je Suis Prest?

1 - Not a fan, ya ken?
2 - It was Outlander.
3 - I liked it fine.
4 - Really good.
5 - Bloody awesome.

Discussion Topics (forget the books):

  1. Okay first things first, thoughts on Claire's PTSD, flashbacks, and her telling Jamie about it later?

  2. How did you feel about the power struggle between Jamie and Dougal?

  3. What did you think of Claire's "talk" with Dougal about his narcissism?

  4. Did you just love Fergus in this episode?

  5. What did you think about the situation with William Grey? Claire and Jamie's performance for Grey?

  6. Dougal, Angus, Rupert and men and their Highland charge?

  7. Jamie's abilities as a leader?

  8. The "Commando Raid"?

  9. Jamie giving Dougal the responsibility of telling the Prince of their arrival?

Feel free to pose anything else you wish to discuss from this episode or my review/recap. No spoilers please!

News & Updates:
According to Matt Roberts they are currently working hard on Season Three which means we will have a smaller Droughlander than normal. We are going to see the next season sooner than we think. I wonder if this just means we are going to get it in another year rather than 18 months or we will be seeing the Third Season starting in fall or winter? SOURCE

Outlander is getting the rare 90 minute season finale. Many network shows get 2 hour finales (90 minutes without ads) but it is a rarity for premium networks. Brianna & Roger will make their first appearance as adults in this 90 minute finale. SOURCE

Ratings have dropped this episode with the lowest ratings of the season at 0.94 million viewers which is barely under Season One's episode average. While this is a lower rated episode Outlander still seems to be going strong.

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siobhan63: pic#85472563siobhan63 on June 10th, 2016 12:55 pm (UTC)
I'm going to call this "A Tale of 2 Episodes".

After watching episode 209, I couldn't help but compare it to the previous episode. Both episodes contain significant departures from the source material, but with very different results.

Note: a lot of this maybe won't make sense or won't matter much if you have not read the books.

I vented about episode 208 in last week's post about that episode. The creation of an entirely new subplot involving Laoghaire did not work for me at all. And Ron Moore's reasoning for that departure -- his claim that such a development was necessary to make a certain plot point which occurs in Voyager/season 3 work -- doesn't hold water, IMO. If anything, I think it makes the upcoming event in season 3 even more implausible. That wasn't the only departure, however. Having Colum present was a change, a lot of the plot involving Lord Lovat diverged a fair bit as well, even the timing of the event is different. In the book, Jamie's quest to see his grandfather happens much later after the war with the English has started, not before. There wasn't much I liked about that episode, and some parts -- the whole thing with Laoghaire, I truly disliked.

Episode 209, however, was almost entirely pure fiction, in the sense that almost none of what we saw was in the book. The only exception was the incident with young William Grey -- and even that they modified a wee bit (but quite successfully, if you ask me), and the raid on the British encampment which followed. But the rest of it -- Jamie's training of the men, the arrival of Dougal and his motley crew, Claire's PTSD episode -- not in the book. At least, not so specifically in the book. But yet, I didn't mind at all -- in fact, I very much loved the episode. I loved the insight into Claire's wartime experience -- one of the things I've found lacking in the novels. I loved how we saw Jamie finally come into his own as a strong, determined leader and man. I felt the episode grounded the characters and provided viewers with important insight into the type of men who made up the bulk of the Jacobite army (i.e. not soldiers), and just how great the odds were against them. I think it provides a strong foundation for what we're going to see happen in coming episodes.

So the changes made in 208, to me, didn't work at all. The changes (or additions I guess, since this was largely entirely new material) in 209 worked brilliantly. Did anyone else have similar reactions?

Edited at 2016-06-10 12:56 pm (UTC)
Jill aka Jo: Outlander: Blue Jamie sword drawnsireesanwar on June 14th, 2016 12:16 am (UTC)
You are right. The whole creation of L's story in The Fox's Lair was unnecessary to the story later and for me brings up further issues to the story later.

I totally got that they were changing the timing of events but figured a lot of it had to do with the amount of episodes and that they wouldn't be giving us all the battle moments from the book.

I totally agree here. I mean why wouldn't Claire have a bit of trauma from the Great War? Now, some of the podcasters have commented that one minute Claire is suffering and the next she's fine which doesn't hold water but I believe they are wrong. First, Claire didn't remember the event in question and it just came back to her. She exhibited no trauma before then and once she talked about the event she was able to put on the face of the ward nurse which we see in 210. I don't find this hard to believe. Claire is resillent if nothing else and not everyone's PSTD is the same. Some are crippled by it and some just have that moment of panic.

Watching Jamie become the leader we all know he is was fantastic. I especially loved his command over Dougal. Dougal is so used to getting his own way or being the big man on campus (or Clan Lands as it were) but now he has to listen to his nephew. And I truly believed Claire was right about Dougal's view of himself.

I do believe this version of Grey's attack on Jamie was better than in the book. First because the idea to play a part was Claire's idea and not something Jamie came up with on the spot. Not that Jamie isn't brilliant but it always bothered me in the book that she wasn't madder at Jamie for his... play acting.

I'm so glad they left the Commando Raid in because it is one of my favorite things about Dragonfly.

Originally when Jamie told Dougal to inform the Prince of their arrival I felt like he was rubbing Dougal's face in his lack of command which didn't sit well with me. But this is Jamie. So upon thinking about it I realized this is his way of proving to Dougal he is a good and kind leader because Dougal wants to interact with Charles Stuart.
siobhan63siobhan63 on June 14th, 2016 02:00 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I really loved the addition of some backstory for Claire. I've been re-reading the later books (5-8) of late, and it's dawned on me that Claire, despite being the central character in these novels (esp. in the first few books), is also in some ways the least known. By that I mean, we get ALL of Jamie's family history/past in a fair bit of detail, but almost nothing about Claire's. I know her parents died when she was quite young, but I would have loved to read about her adventures with uncle Lambert, or how she met Frank (if that is explained at some point, I've forgotten it), or her war experience. The most background detail we get is what happens during the time she and Jamie are apart in book 3, but almost nothing about what her life was before the events of book 1. Which is kind of odd, in retrospect.
Jill aka Jo: Arrow: Felicity compsireesanwar on June 15th, 2016 09:58 pm (UTC)
Your are right about Claire. She's a bit of a mystery as you move through the series. I mean there are things we can fundamentally say about Claire but there is so much simply about her we don't know.

I do remember somewhere in that vast amount of writing that we are told Claire meets Frank through Uncle Lamb. He was consulting with U. Lamb on something... I think. That is how they met. But it is really brief. She goes into almost no other detail.

I also know that somewhere in the books she tells us her father's name was Henry Beauchamp and her mother was Julia Moriston.

[Spoiler (click to open)]I also think we learn in Echo that she's distantly related to Fergus.

But overall that isn't much to know about the main character. We know so much about Jamie.