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June 23 2016 @ 12:05 am
DP: Vengeance Is Mine (211)  
Vengeance Is Mine opens in camp where Claire is pulling the teeth of the locals and the soldiers while Rupert looks on and reminisces about Angus and his missing front teeth.

In the war council, O’Sullivan and Murray are recommending retreat because the Jacobite support they were expecting, in the Lowlands of Scotland and Northern England, has yet to show up. They are only days from taking London but they are expecting three armies waiting for them in London and they don’t seem to have the resources to accomplish the goal.

Side Note: Apparently, in reality they were informed there was a large army mass between them and London at this point. In actuality there was no such army between the Jacobites and England. The informant was a spy for the English.

Charles is understandably upset his advisors want to turn back to Edinburgh for the winter instead of finishing this fight and taking London. Charles wants to know if there are none among them who will fight for him and God and Jamie pledges his sword. Charles tells the others he feels betrayed and then damns them to hell for their retreat.

Jamie apologizes to Claire, presumably because he’s been unable to change history. Ross asks Jamie if it is true they are turning back and Jamie puts a positive spin saying they are returning home for winter, promising to see his men home to Lallybroch. Rupert doesn’t seem overjoyed.

Jamie promises to see Claire safe no matter what happens.

[Read More...]In their lodgings, Jamie says a prayer over Claire in Gaelic:

God, shield my beloved, my white dove, and the child that she may one day bear. Preserve her from violence and from harm, in this place and every place, on this night and on every night.

Claire wakes and asks what he was saying but Jamie doesn’t share. She says he will tell her while she sleeps so in her dreams she’ll know the truth of his words.

The next morning, Dougal arrives with orders for Jamie to take his men and go north to Inverness but Dougal manages to include himself with Jamie who is being exiled from the Princes side. Oh and to add insult to injury Charles took Jamie’s horse. They are charged with getting provisions without money.

On the road; Jamie, Claire, Dougal and the crew head north stopping by a stream for Ross to have a splinter removed. Rupert tells Ross he’s being a baby that Angus would have removed it with his front teeth. Fergus remarks Angus has no front teeth and Rupert says he’d have used his gums.

Suddenly a man goes down and the English are shooting at them. The command to scatter to the woods is given and everyone parts company as Jamie yells to meet at the crossroads.

Jamie, Claire, Fergus, Dougal, Murtagh and Rupert are on the run with the English in hot pursuit. Suddenly, Rupert is struck in the eye by a musket ball (Holy God!) and looks as though he’s about to fall off his horse. Dougal comes to the rescue jumping to Rupert’s horse and hauling him back onto the running beast.

The group makes it to a small church where they must stop so Claire can tend to Rupert, or he’ll die. Jamie investigates the church finding Ross and other Lallybroch men hiding inside. They all take shelter there hoping to wait out the English while Claire removes the musket ball from Rupert’s eye socket and fixes him up like a pirate but all too soon the English find them. There isn’t much they can do as it is likely the English will fire the thatch roof to force them out. Jamie is willing to give himself up and in a truly awesome moment, Dougal tells Jamie to stop being such a hero.

In an inspiring move, Claire screams out for help making the English believe Claire is a hostage to the Highlanders. Claire knows the only way to save them all is to play the English hostage and exchange herself for the men’s freedom. Jamie wants none of this plan but Claire invokes her role as Lady Broch Turach and telling Jamie the Lallybroch men are her responsibility as well. Can’t argue with her there buddy.

Dougal goes outside and lays down terms for an exchange, giving Claire’s name as Mistress Beauchamp, before returning to the church. Jamie tells Claire she’s a terrible liar and Fergus suggests she pretend to faint so she doesn’t have to tell her story yet. Jamie wants to be the one to carry the faulty fainted Claire out to the Redcoats but Dougal reminds him he’s Red Jamie and they will likely break their exchange to capture him. Claire is carried out to an Englishman who takes her to a nearby tree to recover, while the men throw down their arms and Jamie continues to hide out in the church.

After the English leave with Claire, Jamie comes out planning to follow on his own by Murtagh argues he’s going with Jamie and Dougal is on his side. Dougal tells Jamie to get their lass back safe and Rupert wants Jamie to give her a wink for him. Everyone there respect Claire for her giving herself up to save them.

Claire is taken to Crich and the tavern (Ram’s Head Tavern) whereupon she sees a wanted poster for Jamie before she is taken inside and given a seat before the fire. The next morning, Claire is informed she’s going to Belmont rather than the garrison at Hazelmart which means Jamie will be looking for her in the wrong place. As she’s leaves the tavern she runs into Hugh Munro who saw her come in the night before and intentionally makes a bit of a scene to get close to Claire. Hugh is man handled by Lieutenant Barnes and Claire protests, then questioning the man on why she’s being taken to Belmont. As soon as Claire is on her way so is Hugh who is off to find Jamie and relay the Claire’s destination.

Claire comes to Belmont which is housing a garrison on its grounds much to her dismay. Inside she find the lord of the manor is none other than the Duke of Sandringham. Sandringham plays along with Claire’s ruse and then proceeds to tell her he’s been to the Tower of London and now he’s being held at Belmont under house arrest. He wants to help Claire get a message to Jamie and in return he wants Jamie to free him from confinement (can I just say that whole explanation seemed sketchy from the get go. Just stay there and act the loyal subject and you likely won’t be hanged for treason.) The Duke wants Claire to pen a note to Jamie, which he can smuggle out of the house, telling him about the Englishmen surrounding Belmont house. Claire tells Sandringham to get the message to Hugh Munro who will be able to get the message to Jamie.

Mary enters the scene and Claire is told the Duke is her Godfather. Mary drags Claire off to the cellar where she tells her she’s being forced to marry some Englishman who likely just wants to be in the Duke’s good graces. Claire informs Mary she has a plan that might just make her betrothal a moot point.

In the woods, rider is looking for Munro and a man gives him directions (honestly this seemed pointless) then man then sees Munro slinking off into the woods and goes after him. Munro gets the better of him but takes the message.

Inside, Claire is waiting to talk to Sandringham about Mary’s betrothal which Sandringham says is impossible to get out of. He then tells Claire the commander has agreed to withdrawal the soldiers because after all he’s still a Duke. (Red flag Claire!) Claire then notices Sandringham man has a birthmark on his hand exactly like the man who attacked them on the road. Claire questions the Duke and Sandringham confessed he hired Danton in Paris. Sandringham gets upset because Claire recognizes Danton.

Sandringham then tells her he owed the Comte St. Germain a lot of money and rather than having Claire killed, Sandringham convinced the Comte to just have her raped (how nice). He never had any intention of killing her. Claire threatens him with Jamie but Sandringham reveals he’s as bad as we think he is because the reason the garrison commander withdrew the soldiers was to lure Red Jamie into a trap. This way his loyalties will no longer in question. He then has Danton lock Claire in her room.

Meanwhile, Munro finds Jamie and delivers Claire’s message which is in Gaelic though a poor version of it. It takes them a moment but Jamie and Murtagh figure out Claire’s warning about the soldiers and that she’s at Belmont house.

Claire is pacing back in forth in said room observing Hugh out the window when Mary unwittingly comes to her rescue. Mary wants to leave with Claire and she says she’ll go out the back while Mary goes out the front to find Hugh and warn him that this is a trap and Jamie shouldn’t come near the house. Mary isn’t keen on the idea of meeting a beggar and Claire leaves her in the room while she makes her way downstairs and into the kitchen. Unfortunately, that happens to be where Sandringham is getting a bite to eat. He compels her to sit with him (likely so he doesn’t call out to the English).

Sandringham is questioning Claire about the Comte’s death as he wants the details. Claire views the knife behind the Duke and goes for “food” but the Duke beats her to it. Mary comes into the kitchen and Sandringham is put out by her presence sending her back to her room with food. Mary realizes something is up and goes to the front door as planned where a Redcoat is waiting though Hugh takes that moment to knock the Redcoat over the head. Mary quickly tells him Claire is in the kitchen and to tell Jamie it is a trap.

Danton appears wondering where Mary is getting off to. Mary threatens to tell the Duke how Danton is manhandling her.

Jamie and Murtagh take out a Redcoat as the make their way into Belmont while Claire is still enduring the rumors of the Comte’s death. Danton enters to tell the Duke about Mary’s attempted escape to which is stutters about not wanting to marry Mr. Granger and again Sandringham sends her to bed though she doesn’t get far as Jamie burst into the kitchen.

Danton holds a knife to Claire’s throat and Jamie drops his weapon so Claire isn’t harmed. Murtagh enters behind Danton and when Danton turns Claire elbows him in the stomach and then Jamie has him. Claire calls out that Danton is the man who attacked them in Paris and Mary looks stunned.

Danton tells Jamie Sandringham made him do it and Claire tells Jamie it is the truth that Sandringham did it to pay off a debt to the Comte. The Duke tries to defend himself saying he only wanted to scare the women that he wouldn’t countenance something as vulgar as a rape but Claire tells says that is a lie and that rape was his idea.

Jamie tells the Duke he’s say anything to save his own skin and the Duke says it stops today. Jamie looks like he’s going to spare the Duke but instead he’s handing him over to Murtagh.

Mary is holding a knife and looking rather dazed. She steps forward, as Danton tries to gain his feet, and stabs him. Claire calls out to her but Murtagh then takes the opportunity to violently chop the Duke’s head off. Murtagh puts the head of the Duke at Mary and Claire’s feet telling him he kept his word and he’s laying their vengeance at their feet. Claire nods to him and Mary suggests they leave.

All go out the back leaving a bloody mess behind.

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Discussion Topics (forget the books):

  1. What did you think of the title card? (The title card is where the title of the episode is, in this case the wig that falls on the floor.)

  2. I loved Jamie's prayer over Claire, which we actually got to see the translation of presumably because we are in Jamie's POV. Do you think the relationship was better between Jamie and Claire in Diana's penned episode?

  3. Rupert got shot in the eye?! Is that one of the grossest things you've ever seen... Claire digging the ball out? But I was impressed when Dougal jumped to Rupert's horse to steady him. Which brings me to Rupert telling Jamie to wink at Claire for him.. nice nod to his injury and Jamie's inability to wink (book, I know forget it).

  4. If Claire hasn't impressed me in the past with her abilities, her sense of duty and responsibility for the men of Lallybroch and Rupert and Dougal here just puts her over the top. How did you feel about Claire invoking her rights as Lady Broch Turach?

  5. Okay did you get this whole deal with Sandringham? Maybe a Jacobite, setting a trap for Red Jamie and his notorious wife, the convuluted plot to rape Claire rather than kill her?

  6. Was anyone else annoyed that Hugh Munro just was always where he needed to be?

  7. Danton's death. First, he is not the one who raped Mary. Danton is the ring leader and while not her actual rapist, just as guilty. What did you think of Mary taking justice into her own hands?

  8. And, of course, Murtagh's bloody vengeance. Wow, okay so what did you think about this part? Necessary? Over done? Traumatizing to Mary?

Feel free to pose anything else you wish to discuss from this episode or my review/recap. No spoilers please!

News, Updates, & Noteworthy:
Ratings are at 0.86 million viewers which is a small improvement. I have to mention that these are for live viewers and are no means the actual numbers considering the many ways people watch tv now. I wish Starz would publish their actual numbers considering the Amazon Prime, App and Streaming services out there, not to meantion they should really be doing these over a weekend period considering how many people wait to watch the episode now that Amazon and Streaming services have it available and at your fingertips in an instant.

I have created a Downloads page over at OW Site. You can find some of the Pocket Characters there and Episode Screencaps. Currently, I only have the second season so far but I will be adding the first season as I cap them.

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Jill aka Jo: Misc: Firefly Calvin & Hobbssireesanwar on June 28th, 2016 09:37 pm (UTC)
1. I loved the title card and didn't think the wig falling down was so bad. So many online just hated it but I found it amusing and something of a great "nod". I supposed TV fans might have guess from it that someone, maybe the Duke, was going to lose his head but I can't say I would have known that if I was clueless about it.

2. I felt like there was a better connection between J & C in this episode. They seemed more like a team. The things that came up between them like the I'm Lady Broch Turach scene in the church was so Outlander it wasn't funny. It felt like the writer knew the characters better... which would be true.

3. Oh how I cringed as the ball was being removed from Rupert's eye. I loved his remark to wink at Claire. It was two jokes in one. Rupert can't wink with one eye and in the books, Jamie can't wink at all.

4. I loved Claire yelling at Jamie that she's responsible for the Lallybrock men as their lady. I really think the men's respect for her sky rocketed and it felt like Dougal did too. He tells Jamie, "Bring our girl home." Or something like that. I mean I know the man wants her but if felt to me more like him say... she's so one of us... more so now. Claire went from risking their lives in The Reckoning (109) to saving them all here in 211.

5. So I listen to the Scot and the Sassenach podcast and I was a little annoyed with their podcast about this episode because they made it sound like Sandringham literally had all these different plans and traps set up. I don't think he did. I think from the very beginning he's been told about Claire and the whole Belmont house was a trap from the get go.

I believe it was always the Duke's plan to use Jamie and Claire to get into the crowns good graces. He planned to lure Jamie there but decided to use Claire to do it... making sure Jamie came by putting doubt in Claire's mind that Jamie knew where she was. But Claire knows about the soldiers so the Duke had to lie about why they are there. And when he uses his "influence" as a Duke to get them to go away... okay unlikely because he's a suspected Jacobite but not totally implausible because he actually is a Duke. He has some influence because he protects BJR and got Jamie a pardon though Jamie never got it. I think this ruse would have continued had Claire not realized who Danton was.

As for Sandringham and St. Germain's plan, the Duke tells us the Comte wanted to have her killed. I have no idea why the Duke was opposed to this idea... in my opinion he probably thought humiliating her with rape would be better. He seems a little twisted. Of course, I can't see why the Comte would take this plot over money.

As for the whole part with Danton... fans seem to think he was part of Les Disciples and wonder how they knew Claire would be late and walking home. TSATS seems baffled by this and yet for me it seems simple enough. They aren't Les Discples but pretended to be because it is an easy scapegoat. It is likely Danton hired men at it is possible while not gentry they speak well because they worked for gentry. Danton would know people in this circle. They obviously sabotaged the carriage by removing the wheel pin which means Claire had to walk. Now it is possible she wouldn't walk but it seemed like their weren't "cabs" around that area so the alternative may have just been to walk. It is likely they were lying in wait for some time and if their plan had not worked then they would have tried again. Granted a lot of things had to fall into place but it seems to me that Claire and Mary's attackers were watching and waiting.
Jill aka Jo: Misc: All I Want Is Funsireesanwar on June 28th, 2016 09:37 pm (UTC)
6. So it bugged me that Hugh was always where he needed to be. Of course, I have no idea where he would be.

7. I've heard it told Danton raped Mary and that Mary killed an innocent. Neither is true. Danton was near Claire and another man actually did the raping of Mary. You can see this in the episode Useful Occupations and Deceptions. But that doesn't mean Danton wasn't planning his turn or that he wasn't guilty. It seem Danton had a hand in planning all this and participated in the attack. To me his just as culpable. So he's not innocent at all. It would be nice if Mary's actual rapist was also dead at her feet but what we get is the two accessible men who were involved and we are likely never to see the others again. I for one am okay with Mary stabbing Danton. He would never have been brought to justice as a rapist. It is more likely that should the story come out in this time period the fault would lie with Mary. Sad but true.

8. I've heard people say they hated the Duke's death in the book and in the show but honestly, I've never be upset by it. He's a horrible man who is planning on killing Jamie and Claire, orchestrated the attack and rape on Claire which Mary was the victim of and I in the show I believe he handed Jamie's pardon over to BJR rather than Jamie. The man is at least an ass and at worst a rapist, murderer and villain. I do think Mary could be traumatize by the actions of killing Danton and seeing the Duke's head being taken but somehow I think this is when Mary goes from a girl to a woman who see the horrors of the world and how they can be handled.
Jo Ann: Out: Jamie leading horseyeuxdebleu on June 30th, 2016 03:42 am (UTC)
I think this may have been in the next episode, but I loved all the parts with Colum. And he an Dougal together was awesome.
Jill aka Josireesanwar on July 14th, 2016 06:41 pm (UTC)
Yep that was The Hail Mary but you are so right. Loved them!