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September 30 2016 @ 07:16 am
A few thoughts on how Season 3 departs from the book  
From that Entertainment Weekly first look at season 3 article, we learn that the opening of season 3 will, like season 2, depart somewhat from the book.

Spoilery stuff for non-book readers!

[Spoiler (click to open)]Voyager opens after the battle of Culloden, with Jamie regaining consciousness on the battlefield. Ron Moore decided to actually show viewers the battle, including Jamie's epic final battle with Black Jack Randall. I don't have any issues with this decision, but I do wonder about one thing going forward.

In the books, Jamie can't remember anything about the battle of Culloden. Occasional flashbacks come to him, but it isn't until book 8 that he finally remembers things in detail. Showing the battle doesn't prevent them from following this plot line -- just because viewers have seen what happened doesn't mean that TV Jamie has to remember anything about the battle afterwards. I am hoping that they maintain this element of the series' overall story arc because the part of the book where Jamie does finally remember what happened is a powerful one, and I would like to see Sam Heughan play that out. However, having shown viewers what transpired on the battlefield might lessen the impact of Jamie's eventual recollection of events. But then again, assuming the show makes it to a season 8, and given how long it takes to produce a season, by the time we get to that, 8-10 years down the road from now, viewers may well have forgotten a lot of the details about the battle as well!

Any thoughts on this? I've seen some comments online from Diana, and she's quite happy with what's been done so far, so I'm interpreting that as meaning they'll stick to the Jamie-can't-remember-anything storyline.
Jill aka Jo: Happy: Calvin YAYsireesanwar on October 4th, 2016 10:45 pm (UTC)
So I'm trying to look at it this way. We are going to see the battle (super excited about) but maybe Jamie won't remember the details or how everything happened. This works for me...

Because then in about 4-6 more seasons (please let the show make it that long) we can start seeing those flashes from the battle WE as watchers have seen but now Jamie is remembering the details. This gives us that "oh yeah" moment.

At least I'm hoping.