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December 19 2016 @ 08:07 am
Sam Heughan's My Peak Challenge 2017  
If you typically make New Year's resolutions, and if top of your list is getting healthier/fitter/eating better, etc., then you might want to sign up for Sam's My Peak Challenge 2017.

Last year, MPC 2016 was a 3-month guided fitness/diet plan. 50% of the proceeds go to Sam's Bloodwise charity. This year, it's going to be a year-long program. The website/sign-up/details go live today (Dec. 19).

If you follow Sam on Twitter, you will know that MPC 2016 was a huge success for many/most who took part. There are countless testimonies from people who loss tonnes of weight, got healthy, started doing things they'd not done before, and made lots of new friends. So if you're looking for something to kickstart your New Year, this might be the thing.