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June 16 2017 @ 11:50 am
TWP 107: Two Kings  
Two Kings
A pretender to the throne is held captive at court, creating a new rift in Lizzie and Henry's marriage. Lizzie faces an impossible choice and makes a risky move to try to eliminate the threat to her family.


  1. We are presented with "The Boy" who for all intensive purposes appears to be Prince Richard. Even Lizzie seems to recognize him on some level though she denies him. Do you think it was wise of Henry to make him a servant at the palace?

  2. How did you feel about Maggie going between the Palace and the Duchess of Burgundy with information? What about Cathy telling Maggie to support "Richard" so Teddy can go free from the Tower?

  3. What did you think about the scene between "Richard" and Cathy where he tells her he should give up his throne to make them all safe? Do you think him renouncing his claim would make them safe?

  4. "Richard" tells his wife the Tudor's killed his brother Prince Edward, Henry is confused by this because he believed King Richard (Edward iV's brother) killed the boys in the tower. Do you think Henry is starting to see the his mother's lies unravel?

  5. When Henry and "Richard" have words during the hunt scene Henry's horse rears and he loses the crown. Symbolic that he isn't the true King? Is Henry's reaction showing his insecurities?

  6. What did you think of Lizzie's anger at Cathy for Henry's attentions? Kicking over the chamber pot and ordering her to clean it up? Smacking her?

  7. The boy refuses to say he is Perkin Warbeck when asked to which Margaret annouces his child has been given away to another family to be raised. We all know she had the child killed, am I right?

  8. Maggie tells Lizzie, "Your mother would be ashamed of you." Do you think this is true? Or are there only some actions Elizabeth Woodville would not like?

  9. What did you think of Lizzie's part in trying to free "Richard" with Maggie's help? Was she doing the right thing? Or was she trying to circumvent the curse of her mother? What did you think Lizzie's plan for the fire and what happened in the end?

I feel like Lizzie is treading water frantically. She doesn't want Richard to be the king but she believe he is her brother and isn't willing to watch him die. I did appreciate her efforts to free him despite the fact that it seemed her motives lie more in protecting her children from a curse than helping her brother.

If even a small amount of this were true you'd have to wonder why Richard wouldn't just take the opportunity to flee. He had to know he wouldn't be King and that in the end the Tudors would find a way to be rid of him.