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September 12 2017 @ 02:32 pm
Episode Discuss: 301 The Battle Joined  
The Battle Joined opens on the battlefield of Culloden Moor where Jamie who is barely alive with a dead Black Jack Randall sprawled on top of him recalls the battle in flashes of memory and remembers coming face to face with Randall on the battlefield where he killed him (victory!). Jamie looks out over the moor and sees a ghostly figure of Claire moving towards him. She kneels beside him and Jamie comes back to himself to discover Rupert checking on him.

Meanwhile, in the 20th century Claire and Frank are buying a house. Flash forward and Claire is considerably more pregnant and trying to light the stove with no luck. She has an epiphany and goes out to buy wood to light a fire in the hearth. A neighbor woman helps her bring in the wood and talks with her about her husband telling Claire she is lucky to have Frank. Claire later goes to meet Frank's boss who is totally sexist and believes a woman's place is in the home with babies. Flash forward a bit more and Claire is preparing breakfast when a jovial Frank comes in and makes light conversation with her. Claire tells Frank she wants to become an American citizen to make a real home for their child. Frank is bolstered by her use of "our child," but when he tries to touch her she flinches away from him. A fight ensues which culminates in Frank accusing her of adultery and her throwing an ashtray at his head (he ducked).

Back in the 18th century, Jamie wakes in a barn where Rupert carried him too. Their are Jacobites hiding from the English but that doesn't last long as Lord Melton arrives with his men and beings executing the traitors. Rupert forgives Jamie for killing Dougal as he goes to his own death (so sad).

In Boston circa 1950s, Frank is restless on the couch and gets up to write Rev. Wakefield a letter about searching for Jamie when Frank comes down to tell him her waters broke.

Back in the 18th century, Jamie is next to be executed and when he gives his full name Lord Melton realizes Jamie is the one who saved his brother John William Grey at Carryarick. He owes him a debt of honor. Melton sends Jamie back to Lallybroch in a wagon were he is warmly received by Jenny and Ian.

Back at the 20th century hospital, Claire is dealing with another inept male who thinks she knows nothing about giving birth and ends up being put under after news of her previous miscarriage comes out. She wakes later in distress wondering if she's lost another baby. Frank comes in with a squirming red haired little girl who they are both overjoyed to see and the have a bonding moment where they both want to start over and try at their marriage. Then the nurse asks where the baby got her red hair.

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Happy posting.
Jill aka Josireesanwar on September 13th, 2017 08:22 pm (UTC)
For me it really seems like a hint at the battle ahead of both of them too.

I think Sam was the best we've ever seen in this episode. All his subtle comments lying there suffering. It was fantastic.

I've never liked Frank but that stems from that moment in episode 1 where he basically asks Claire if she cheated during the war. One can construe that as his thoughts upon seeing a Scot staring up at her but the way he phrased it always reminds me of a cheater who is blaming the spouse for his wrongdoing. He doesn't even ask if it happened. Just says if she did he'd forgive her. But I've always thought he really wouldn't.

Granted in the show they are clearly making Frank a better man than in the show because I don't feel he's the same.

I really liked her neighbor who seemed to be trying to figure out Claire who didn't seem that welcoming to me. I couldn't tell if that was shyness as she's never had many gal pals or being closed off.

Yes! BJR dying and almost leaning into Jamie was twisted but Jamie was clearly losing blood too so... It was weird. I kept wanting him to push BJR off him but it seemed more real that he might not have had the strength.

Oh didn't you want to smack that professor when he was patronizing Claire. I do have to give credit to Frank for bragging about Claire's nursing but it didn't go over well.

Jamie dropping the dragonfly in amber when he is moved from the field is such a great touch and how it was then found on the field and put in the museum there. I loved that.

When Claire woke up and didn't see her baby. Oh that really twisted the heart strings and then seeing her light up holding Bree. It was great.

I liked the abrupt ending too. I thought it was appropriate that they immediately have the question of Bree's characteristics. Red hair? Where did that come from?