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Episode Discuss: 312 The Bakra

Young Ian is in Jamaica and with Geillis Duncan who is up to her witchy and really crazy ways. She's in search of the sapphires in the treasure from Selkie Island, one of which, Jamie gave to Lord John.

Jamie and Claire finally make it to Jamaica where they go in search for Young Ian only to find themselves the owner of another human being much to Claire's horror. Claire and Jamie tell Temerarire they will free him as soon as they are away from the city. They ask Temeraire to help them speak to the Governor's slaves about Young Ian in hopes that someone has seen him.

At the Governor's ball the realizes there are several old friends and acquaintances around when Lord John Grey turns out to the the governor, Geillis turns up alive, and The Campbells appear to do readings for guests.

Jamie and John share a reunion in front of Claire which leaves Claire feeling a little uneasy. Geillis return brings out more uneasiness as she describes her escape from the pyre and the death of her most recent husband.

Geillis has the Campbell's tell fortunes at the Governor's ball and when Margaret holds all three sapphires a truly crazy prophecy comes to light.

Another acquaintance in the form of Captain Leonard appears and everyone flees so Jamie isn't arrested. Temeraire tells Jamie Young Ian was spotted at Rose Hall which is Mistress Abernathy's plantation. Jamie and Claire drop Temeraire off where he knows he can find refugee with maroons and then head to Rose Hall but are stopped when Captain Leonard appears and takes Jamie prisoner.

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