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Outlander Watch: Je Suis Prest

Je Suis Prest

TV Updates, Cast News, Outlandish Everything!
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Discussions, Show and Book News, No Super Shipping, No Bullying of Cast and Crew!

Outlander: Claire & Jamie

A place to share all things Outlander! Artwork, Videos, Pictures, Excerpts, DG News, Articles, Views on the Episodes
and all kinds of other Outlander goodies. We also welcome Outlander discussions, questions, comments, etc.
Any Outlander-ish news is always welcome.

So if you are looking for a mellow place to discuss Outlander, talk about the changes and what you like and dislike. This is the place. Just know we do not ship actors and we show respect and love for the Cast and Crew. In this group we are always grateful the books we love became a show because of Ron Moore.

TV fans are welcome, we try to be very spoiler free.

Your first post is going to be moderated and then posting access will be given.
This is simply an attempt to prevent spam from getting through.

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Extras: Please put a subject. LJ-Cut for anything that gets to large. Please use the tags.

Ban Worthy: Be nice. Do not flame people.

Fan Art Posts:
Preview of up to 5 icons welcome. Large images should be under a cut though a large image downsized can be a preview image.

Please look through our tags when applying tags to your post. If you feel you need a new tag you can create one using the structure we've chosen.

For fan art you will find the tags under "fan-art: ". Random tags will be removed from posts.

Off Topic Posts:
We do welcome some Off Topic Posts. We don't want this group to talk about everything but Outlander but we are all for discussing other Historical Novels or Historical Adaptations (movies and shows) is most welcome. Historical with a twist of fantasy is also welcome.

Spoiler Posts: Please put all spoilers behind a spoiler or lj cut. Make sure to warn the readers stopping in to check us out.

Spoiler Comments: When commenting to a post if you wish to post something that would spoil a new reader or new fan of the show please use the spoiler coding which is located on the sidebar.

Spoiler Comments and Posts can use the LJ Spoiler Coding:

TV Rules Post & Rules & FAQ

Fan Fiction Posts:
We accept all kinds of Het pairings from G to M. We would prefer to remain slash free. This doesn't apply to Lord John stories. We ask that you respect the characters and keep them true to Diana's work but would still love to see the creativity of the fans.

No ACTOR fan fictions. Fan fiction is about characters not the actors playing them.

Fan Fiction Posts Title:
FIC: Title [Rating], Pairing If Any (ie Jamie/Claire), 1/5 (1/5: meaning it is part 1 of 5 in the story.)

Example: FIC: The Road Lost [PG], Jamie/Claire, 1/2

Story Information:
We want to know some information about the story which will also enable us to add it to the memories for fans to find.

Fan Fiction Template:

Your actual story needs to be behind a cut or a link to the story on your journal. No locked entries are allowed. People shouldn't need to friend you unless they want too.